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15th March, 11.15 am

UK Government Hub Scotland, Queen Elizabeth House, 1 Sibbald Walk (off the High Street) Edinburgh

Organised by the RMT, supported by PCS, other unions, and Trade Unions in Communities

Working class communities have suffered far too much from the Tory cuts agenda and we urge a turn out in big numbers at this demonstration to make it clear that we won’t tolerate this any longer.

For any queries or further information please contact Regional Organiser Gordon Martin on 07884 655217 or email


Trans solidarity.  Portobello Library, Tuesday 14 March, 6.15 p.m.

Call to action from Lighthouse Books in support of Queer community in Portobello and beyond.

As many will have already heard, a transphobic event is due to be held at Portobello Library 14th March 6.15pm- 7.45pm, titled ’School and Gender Identity’. 

Events like this are whipping up a moral panic about trans children by spreading misinformation and fear. 

Over the past few months known gender critics have been targeting schools, families and local businesses with inflammatory leaflets, spreading misinformation about trans children. 

Though couched in language of concern and free speech, this event is borne of bigotry and intended to fuel and foster anti-trans sentiment. Scratch the surface and it is abundantly clear that the central agenda of organisers is to undermine progress on LGBTQ+ inclusivity in schools, and trans equality and solidarity more widely.

Join us in saying no to hatred.

We are proud to collaborate with queer parents, families and community groups to share the following resources in response to their call to action. We hope this will facilitate engagement with what is happening and help as many as possible to play a part – in whatever way you can – in saying no to hatred, and in standing together against the spread of bigotry in our neighbourhoods. 


Contact MSPs, the venue, and council members. (Email templates below)

 Join a counter protest on Tuesday

Spread awareness and the message that hatred has no place in Edinburgh.

Get informed. There are loads of resources out there that are rigorously researched and can help you counter anti-trans rhetoric.

Here’s a link to the Lighthouse Bookshop Facebook event[%7B%5C%22surface%5C%22%3A%5C%22share_link%5C%22%2C%5C%22mechanism%5C%22%3A%5C%22share_link%5C%22%2C%5C%22extra_data%5C%22%3A%7B%5C%22invite_link_id%5C%22%3A517847903829565%7D%7D]%22%7D



Demonstrate against council cuts

Thursday 23rd February, 8.30 am

City Chambers

249, High Street,



UNISON City of Edinburgh opposes the planned £76 million of further cuts to services that will impact on all sectors of our communities.

Hundreds of millions of pounds have been cut from the council budget throughout the years of austerity. As a result of the cuts the most vulnerable in our society are put at greater levels of risk and can slip through the net.

From the cradle to the grave the services provided by council workers and our colleagues in the community and voluntary sector continue to be asked to do more with less.

Exhausted and undervalued staff are leaving jobs across the public sector due to the lack of value placed on them and the services that they provide.

Work related stress and other mental health related illness is a direct result of the unacceptable demands placed on the remaining staff, employers are failing in their health and safety commitments and their duty of care.

Workers continue to see the value of their take home pay decrease year on year due to the below inflation pay awards. The fact that the council have only budgeted for a 3% pay award for the next pay award is an example of how they wish to continue to erode the value of take home pay.

We will be going through each page of the budget cut proposals and calling out the risks that they will cause to our members and our communities.

The Scottish and Westminster governments must invest in local government and enable councils to control their own budgets to truly meet the needs of the public they serve.

The Scottish government must stop treating Edinburgh worse than any other authority and ensure that it receives the finance that is needed to provide meaningful services.
UNISION City of Edinburgh will be holding a demonstration, and making a deputation, to the full council budget



We are now approaching the sombre anniversary of this continuing attack on civilised democratic values. On the weekend of February 24th 2023, Edinburgh will host events to demonstrate solidarity with Ukraine, and pay respect to its sacrifices and its struggle for freedom from tyranny. This will culminate on February 26th at the Usher Hall with a special, one-night-only event, a tribute concert, SALUTE UKRAINE!  

SALUTE UKRAINE! will acknowledge the seriousness and tragedy of this anniversary. But it will also celebrate the strength and resilience of Ukraine, it’s independence and its growing status as a leading defender, if not THE leading defender of modern, pluralistic, democratic freedoms across the world. The show’s ticket price is low. This is not a fundraiser, but a coming together of many hundreds of displaced Ukrainians along with Scots in an expression of solidarity and love.

SALUTE UKRAINE! will feature video messages from the frontline and from displaced Ukrainians currently living in Scotland alongside a programme of music and poetry from outstanding Ukrainian and Scottish artists. I


Wednesday, 1st February, 1.00 pm

Southside Community Centre

117 Nicolson Street



Willie Black


Michael Hogg (RMT)

Tracy Miller (UNISON Lothian Health Branch)

Colin Fox (SSP)

Linda Sommerville (STUC)

(This rally has been organised by the Trade Unions in Communities Hub in Craigmillar ( Edinburgh RIC had donated £100 to the hub)




Lighthouse Books, 43-5 West Nicolson Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9DB

Saturday, 21st January, 7.00 – 8.00 pm.

Speakers –

Chris Ford, Ukraine Solidarity Campaign and co-editor of the book

Taras Fedirko, Ukraine Solidarity Campaign, Edinburgh

The world is becoming an ever more violent and oppressive place. Competing imperialisms, some growing in influence, others declining, are jockeying for place in an increasingly unstable global order.  Whole nations and peoples have been repressed or invaded, either directly by imperial powers or by their local allies.  We have seen this in Iraq, Syria, Kurdistan, Palestine, Yemen and Xinjiang.  Most recently, we have witnessed the bloody invasion of Ukraine, launched by Putin’s Russian empire on February 24th, 2022.

Putin thought that this invasion would be walk over, and the USA and leading European powers initially thought so too.  However, Putin’s invasion was met by the resistance of ordinary Ukrainians.  Initially they were often unarmed, or only lightly armed.  This in the face of Russian heavy artillery, air strikes and then tank-led troops.  Women have been to the forefront of these communities of resistance and have been some of the main victims of the continuing occupation. The Donbas miners, with their history of opposition to exploitation and oppression by Ukrainian oligarchs, are also now in the front line of resistance against Putin and his kleptocrat backers.  Women and the Donbas miners have already won widespread international solidarity.

This meeting, organised by the Ukraine Solidarity Campaign (Scotland), invites people to hear  the arguments presented in the book, Ukraine: Voices of Resistance and Solidarity. USC(S)’s New Year resolution is to help organise the solidarity necessary to support the people of Ukraine and end the Russian occupation.  Self-determination whether, national, social or individual, needs to be defended wherever it is threatened.  Please come to this meeting and bring others along too.



Edinburgh Rally, 5.15 pm, outside Scottish Parliament

Why are we organising for Supreme Court decision day?

The Scottish Government has made a reference to the Supreme Court to establish whether the Scottish Parliament has the power to hold an independence referendum.

The case was heard on the 11th and 12th of October. 

The verdict will be made public on Wednesday 23 November. That day Yessers must turn out for media who are almost bound to be in Edinburgh and will otherwise do pieces to camera outside an empty forecourt at Holyrood. Will a rally outside the Scottish Parliament get TV coverage? Well, it did on Brexit Day 31 Jan 2020 when 2-3 thousand folk gathered to demonstrate our opposition to Scotland being hauled out of Europe against the people’s will. It was a significant date and the media were in Edinburgh to tell the story of Scotland’s very different reaction to finally leaving the EU. The rally ensured they got the message that Scots actually care with colourful, visual banners, home-made placards and pipes. Filmmaker Charlie Stuart made this short video showing just some of the 15 UK and foreign broadcasters he spotted that night.

Really positive images of indy supporters went right round the globe that night. The chances are very high that we can do it again the day the Supreme Court’s decision is announced. But we need to gather that same day – not wait till it’s more convenient.

Unlike previous Prime Ministers, independence campaigners will not be attacking the legal system or dismissing judges as ‘enemies of the union’. But if the verdict goes against the Scottish Government we will ask how on earth the nation of Scotland – supposedly an ‘equal partner’ in the UK – can ever hold a lawful vote about its own future.

Time for Scotland rallies across Scotland will lay that challenge directly at the door of Number Ten. 

Sign up to get notified about all eight rallies once the date is known

Read More

Who’s organising? 

A small steering group is organising sound systems, speakers and liaison with Scottish Parliament authorities so everything is ready to roll when we get notice of the verdict. We’ve also set up this website to make notification as easy as possible – so please sign up rather than sending individual messages because as volunteers we have no time to answer. 

So, if you’d like to be part of the Time for Scotland protest – please register here.

It is that simple.

And it’s just the start.

Lesley Riddoch (for the Time for Scotland steering group)





Saturday, 12th November, St. Andrews Square, Edinburgh, 12 noon

Many groups which formed part of the Cop26 Coalition (including RIC) will be assembling to march a route that brings to life the multiple crises we are facing. At each location, groups will engage the march in key issues and resistance: expect music, art and excitement! Check out the Facebook event for more info, including the specific route.

This is part of a global day of action called by Egyptian groups organising for the Cop 27 conference at Sharm El-Sheikh.  With pressure mounting due to the global cost of living crisis, a record-breaking year of climate catastrophes, and the prospect of yet another unelected prime minister, this is our opportunity to show our leaders, our communities and our international allies, that we’ve had enough of inequality, injustice and climate collapse. On 12 November we take a stand for a more just and sustainable future.


Wednesday, November 2nd, 7.00 pm

Augustine United Church, George IV Bridge

RIC protest at the royal proclamation at St. Giles on 16.9.22

This is national RIC meeting hosted by Edinburgh RIC

Maggie Chapman (Scottish Greens), Simon Barrow (SNP Socialists), Connor Beaton (RIC), Tristan Gray (Our Republic) will speak




This summer Climate Camp Scotland will take place somewhere in Aberdeen, 28th July – 1st August, to take the climate justice struggle to the heart of big oil.

Our camp will be a people-powered experiment where we will eat, learn and live together as well as take action against the corporate greed and profiteering of oil and gas that is keeping people in poverty and destroying our planet.

We invite you to join us in Aberdeen to put an end to new fossil fuels and instead crank forward a community-led just transition towards renewable energy democracy.

InterestedRegister to take part now by clicking here, it’s free and helps us out a lot!

+ Read the Practical Information briefing for info about mobility, transport, accommodation, language, food and well-being at the camp

also see:-

As the climate crisis hits home, our governments are pouring fuel on to the fire. Let’s stop them.


Defend Kurdistan, Saturday, 11th June, 11. am, Scottish Parliament

Film – A Portrait of Sheikh Bayoh, Friday 10th June, 17.00


Edinburgh May Day March and Rally, 7.5.22, 12.00 noon

After two years of online May Day events we expect to be back on the streets in 2022. Assemble 11.30 on Saturday May 7th for a midday start at the top of Johnston Terrace – we’ll march to the Pleasa nce where there will be stalls, music and a rally. More details fo follow but please put the date in the diary, share the event with your friends and workmates and make sure that your union branch or campaigning groups that you have links to are organising contingents for the march.

Wednesday, March 30th, 7.00 – 8.30 pm

Edinburgh RIC

Putin’s war and Ukraine’s right of self-determination
Wednesday, March 30th, 7.00 – 8.30 pm
Speaker – Yuliya Yurchenko, directly from Ukraine
with back-up by Chris Ford of the Ukraine Solidarity Campaign

If you wish to attend please contact


Saturday, 12th March, 14.00-15.30

Zero Covid Scotland

Scotland needs a credible Covid strategy


Sunday March 6th 3pm

Castle Street, Edinburgh 

Sunday 6th March is an International Day of Solidarity with Ukraine – called originally by Code Pink, CND and the Stop the War Coalition.

This event is coordinated by Edinburgh peace and anti-war groups. We plan to form a human chain along both sides of Princes Street.  We will be there in solidarity with the Ukrainian people and with Russian anti-war protestors and we will be calling for a stop to war and for Russian Troops to withdraw.


Wednesday 23rd February, 7-9pm Scotland – beyond the pandemic.

         Lead off Simon Barrow (co-editor with Gerry Hassan of 

Scotland after the Virus)

Edinburgh RICs first blended meeting 7.00pm – 9.00pm Wednesday 23 February at Augustine United Ch, 41 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh EH1 1EL + ONLINE.

Book + Share

For those who’d like to meet-face-to-face for the first time in ages it will be great to meet up again; and for those who can not make it in to Edinburgh for whatever reason there will be a Zoom link.



Are you a resident of Edinburgh keen to learn what’s emerging in 2022? Come and hear Who’s doing What & When and how you can get involved!

About this event

Find out who’s doing what to tackle Climate Disruption in Edinburgh: 6.30pm – 8.30pm Thursday 3 March at Augustine United Ch, 41 George IV Br EH1 1EL + Online.

Networking: How YOU can get involved! 

Book: + Share 

The Scottish Government is supporting SCCAN to invest in ten regional community climate action networks which will then be able to bid to host one of the Scottish Government funded Regional Community Climate Action Hubs. Louisa Harvey will outline the Government’s plans.

Late in 2021 the City of Edinburgh Council awarded a grant to a partnership of Our Future Edinburgh (OFE)and Edinburgh Voluntary Organisations Council (EVOC) to establish a Community Climate Action Forum under their 2030 Climate Strategy. 

We hope that Bridie Ashrowan, EVOC CEO, and Charlie Wright, Forum Coordinator – who engages with citizens and groups enabling all to contribute to climate action in the city will share their initial plans. 

Edinburgh COP26 Coalition has evolved into Edinburgh Climate Coalition and they will share their ideas along with representatives of the ethnic minority and other groups who ran Edinburgh Climate Festival last year. 

In person at Augustine United Church, 41 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh EH1 1EL plus we hope some or all of it blended so those prevented can attend online. Doors open at 6.00pm for refreshments and viewing the stalls. 

The networking event will:

Hear about Scottish Government plans for 2022Hear about Edinburgh’s 2030 Climate StrategyExpand ideas from Edinburgh workshops held in October [LINK] Relate citizen’s initiatives to Edinburgh’s 2030 Net Zero StrategyExplore how SCCAN’s regional networking fits with planned Forum Work out how everyone can contribute in our different ways.

Proposed Timetable

  • 6.00pm Doors Open – Refreshments + Stalls
  • 6.30pm Introductions and Welcome 
  • 6.40pm Gill Davies, SCCAN Network Manager [confirmed]
  • 6.45pm Louisa Harvey, Scottish Government CC Division [TBC]
  • 6.50pm Bridie Ashrowan, CEO, EVOC [confirmed]
  • 6.55pm Speaker, Edinburgh Climate Coalition [TBC]
  • 7.00pm Rosanna Rabaeijs, Edinburgh Climate Festival [confirmed]
  • 7.05pm  Charlie Wright, Our Future Edinburgh [TBC]
  • 7.10pm Points of clarification / Q&A
  • 7.25pm Break for refreshments / set up World Cafe Breakouts
  • 7.30pm Ten Minutes on 4 tables to find out more: Scotland-wide plans / Climate Forum / Coalition campaigns / Festival events
  • 8.10pm Plenary to capture ideas / priorities / new ideas emerging 
  • 8.25pm Feedback opportunities
  • 8.30pm Close

A collaborative event hosted by SCCAN – Scottish Communities Climate Action Network with input from EVOC, Our Future Edinburgh, Edinburgh Climate Coalition and Edinburgh Climate Festival. To be held in person at Augustine United Church with online access via Zoom – link sent to you 2 days + 1 hour before. Key contributions will be recorded.


Edinburgh Stop the War Coalition 


Monday, 31st January 

Duration: 1 hr 30 min 

Demonstrate for the right of people in the Ukraine to build their own future without threats of war. Demonstrate in solidarity with anti-war activists in Russia. Demonstrate in opposition to the UK’s role in the NATO military alliance. The protest will be at the Russian consulate 58 Melville St, Edinburgh EH3 7HF from 5pm until 5.30pm and then move to the UK government offices at 1 Sibbald Walk, Edinburgh EH8 (just off New Street at the back of Waverley Station) from 6pm until 6.30m. Bring placards. Wear a mask. 

Just Transition Commission, National Plan Framework consultation, 25.1.22, 16.00



Edinburgh COP26 Coalition is protesting at Holyrood on Wednesday, 5pm – 6.15pm because BP is inside spreading greenwash to MSPs, by promoting themselves as the solution to the climate crisis they continue to create.

BP promises net zero by 2050, that is 20 years too late. The United Nations have stated 2030 is the last chance for net zero, after which fossil fuels will have pushed the world well beyond the critical 1.5 degrees centigrade limit. 

Bernie Looney, BP’s CEO celebrated ‘higher throughput’ generating £3,3 billion profit in the last quarter of 2021 compared to £86m the year before. Combined with Shell they produce 1.7bn tonnes of greenhouse gases per year. Yet BP paid no corporation tax on North Sea oil 2018-20.

The corporations driving ecocide should not be welcomed but shown the door. They are knowingly endangering humanity’s future. If BP is sincere about net zero, it will immediately announce that its new Vorlich oilfield in the North Sea will not be further developed. 

The public is invited to join our peaceful protest. As Greta Thunberg put it, we had enough ‘blah, blah, blah’ in Glasgow: Keep Edinburgh out of it. 

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER  6th, 12 noon


Gather at the Lord Roberts monument, Kelvin Grove Park
for location see,-4.2818544,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x5c1835a9062d00a3!8m2!3d55.8703184!4d-4.2818544)


Coach Travel to Mass Mobilisation in Glasgow on Saturday 6 November

Cost: £15 solidarity price, £10 regular price, £1 low waged etc. Get your coach tickets here:

Click on this link:

Or cut and paste this link:


Here is a report from one of the Coalition activists: “I looked this up and eventually managed to fill in their form. Almost immediately I had a request from a young German woman who wants a bed for 3 nights, 4th – 7th November. There is a waiting list of 3,000 people from around the world desperate for accommodation. SO, if you have any space at all, do please consider putting someone up and contacting this network. For most of the time, they will just need a bed and an early breakfast, and maybe some help on the first day to get to the bus station. They will be given other meals in Glasgow.

Climate strike, Edinburgh, Friday 29th October

Fridays for Future Edinburgh school strike for climate justice, 2 days before COP so anyone who can’t make it to Glasgow can protest.

Halloween, Sunday Oct 31, STOP CLIMATE HORROR

Assemble 10.30, The Meadows. The march will leave around 11am and be heading along the bridges and down the Royal Mile before ending at the Parliament by around 1pm.

For wider events see: Global Justice event at-



Edinburgh RIC has received the following information about
Demonstrations Against the Holyrood Protest Ban

The Scottish Parliament belongs to us, the Scottish people, not to the politicians. We should have the right to protest there without fearing criminal prosecution. Sadly, the democratic right to peaceful protest is under threat across the UK and Scotland is no exception.

From October 1st, the buildings and grounds of the Scottish Parliament will be designated as a “Protected Site” under the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005, meaning it will be a criminal offence, punishable with up to a £5,000 fine or 1 year in prison, to be present “without lawful authority”. The only other site in Scotland with the same protected status under SOCPA is that other noted tourist attraction, Faslane nuclear base!

This law has been made by the UK Home Office at the request of the SPCB, the committee of 5 MSPs which runs the Parliamentary estate. It’s a law made in Westminster, not Holyrood, though the Scottish Parliament has the power to reverse it. Legal experts have given their opinion that the law violates the European Convention of Human Rights (EHCR) and that protestors would have a good chance of defeating any conviction in court. But how many people will be in a position to assume the cost and risk of such a legal action?

The effect of this law is to give police a big stick with which to threaten protestors. It won’t be a question of mass arrests, but of “managed protest” where protestors are told what they can do, where they can stand, what messaging is allowed, etc., under threat of arrest.

In the run-up to COP26, what politicians fear most is protestors holding them to account for their failure to tackle the climate crisis. When politicians seek to ban protest, it’s because protest works — not because it disrupts the democratic process, but as a fundamental democratic right and a vital part of that process.

Demonstrations against the Ban

Thursday 30th September, 11am
(the day before the ban comes into effect)
No Protest Ban at Holyrood – rally at Parliament
Facebook Event

Saturday 2nd October, 11am
Embrace our Parliament!
To surround Parliament with a ring of people holding hands, to exercise our democratic right to protest and to stop the Holyrood protest ban.


OCTOBER 2 @ 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM

holyrood map

Surround the Scottish Parliament with a ring of people holding hands, to protest against the designation of Holyrood as a “Protected Site” under SOCPA, making protest a criminal offence. 

The messaging for this action is simple: The Scottish Parliament belongs to us, the Scottish people, not to the politicians. We should have the right to protest there without fearing criminal prosecution.

If you feel strongly about this, get along to our Parliament on Saturday 2nd October at 11 am and show your dissent. Meet up at at the grassy amphitheatre in front of parliament (see map link).

Edinburgh RIC Zoom Assembly 
Wednesday 29th September, 7pm
Alex Staniforth – City of Edinburgh Green Councillor 
Craigentinny & Duddingston

Tejas Mukerji – SNP Socialists




UNISON will be hosting a public demonstration outside the Edinburgh City Chambers on Tuesday 28th September from 9.30am as we continue to put pressure on decision makers to #SaveOurCareHomes.

The story so far:

The demo will coincide with the meeting of the Edinburgh Integrated Joint Board (EIJB) meeting taking place at 10am.

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