Organising meetings

We get together regularly to plan and organise. These are open meetings – new participants are very welcome – if you’d like to get involved please email for details.

Edinburgh RIC Assemblies take place monthly at the Augustine Church on George 4th Bridge – usually on the last Wednesday of the month. However, until it is safe to hold face to face events we are currently meeting online.

Wednesday 25th November: 7pm

Is there a role for nuclear power in a sustainable future Scotland?

The SNP have held firm to a position that there should be no new nuclear power generation in Scotland.  Existing plants are old and past their scheduled working life.  The core of the Hunterston B reactor is riddled with cracks and Torness is likely going the same way.  But Boris Johnson and some in the environmental movement are arguing that nuclear is an essential part of a zero carbon future.  Lynn Jamieson – chair of Scottish CND argues the case for closing Hunterston and Torness and for no new nuclear power stations.   Register for the event on Eventbrite.

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You can read an article by two Edinburgh RIC activists on the case against nuclear power on the Scot.E3 blog

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