1. Edinburgh RIC Organising Meetings


         Organising the next Edinburgh RIC Assembly, for 18.8.21 was discussed      (see below). Allan gave report of the RIC National Forum, 24.7.21. Allan to make enquiries about new banner. 

         Future events were also discussed.


         The Edinburgh RIC Assembly held on 18.8.21 was discussed. 

         It was agreed to organise another Edinburgh RIC Assembly on 29.9.21         (see below).

         It was agreed that Edinburgh RIC should support the delay of the next          RIC National Forum from 28.8.21 to 4.9.21 to facilitate the AUOB demo    at Faslane.

         Bob and Nick elected delegates to RIC National Forum

         Future events were also discussed.

  • Edinburgh RIC Assembly

         18.8.21 Organising for Cop26 – Mim Black, Cop26 Coalition

         A report of this meeting can be seen at:-

         Matters arising 

  1. Mim asked Edinburgh RIC to get national RIC to organise a Scottish independence contingent at the Cop26 demo. We could approach others to organise a joint Left Independence contingent, e.g. RIC, SNP Socialists, Now Scotland, conter, SSP etc. (Nick thought that the Scottish Greens would organise its own contingent)
  • Mim also said there would be a Peoples Summit coinciding with the official Cop26 gathering.  She invited RIC to provide a speaker. 

         It was agreed that the Edinburgh RIC delegates would raise this.

  • Future Edinburgh RIC Assembly (Zoom meeting), 30.9.21. 71000

         The SNP Green governmental alliance

         Allan to contact SNP Socialists and Nick to contact Greens for speakers

  • Other events
  1. AUOB demo, Faslane. 28.8.21, 13.00 -15.00

Event to be posted on Edinburgh RIC blog. Allan to take national banners. (Some concern was later expressed by RIC members on the Mattermost List about some of the speakers). Allan agreed not to take banner, but attend so he could write a report.

  • Save Our Care Homes demo, 14.9.21, 9.30 

         This will be posted on the Edinburgh RIC blog. Allan will take the      banner

  • AUOB demo, Edinburgh, 2.10.21

This to be discussed further 

  • Next Organising Meeting. 11.10.21 

Allan Armstrong, Minutes Secretary, Edinburgh RIC, 29.8.21

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