RIC Edinburgh recognises the vote taken at the RIC AGM to disband RIC at the national level, whist allowing local branches to continue. RIC Edinburgh has taken the decision to continue to operate and campaign for an independent Scotland based on RIC’s five principles: 1.      For a social alternative to austerity and privatisation. 2.      Green and environmentallyContinue reading “RIC EDINBURGH STATEMENT 8.3.21”


EDINBURGH RIC – WORKING OUR WAY FORWARD Facilitator – Bob Goupillot 21 people attended.  2 sent their apologies Allan Armstrong outlined the work that Edinburgh RIC had done, as already posted at https://edinburghric.org/2021/02/22/edinburgh-ric-working-our-way-forward. Pete Ca and Willie put the case against continuing with a RIC national organisation.  (see https://edinburghric.org/2021/02/22/edinburgh-ric-working-our-way-forward/). The reply to these arguments were not raised at the meeting, whichContinue reading “REPORT OF EDINBURGH RIC ASSEMBLY, 24.2.21”


ZOOM MEETING, WEDNESDAY, 24.2.21, 19.00 https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZwkdOirpj0iHNYEiaxpckkYYivnHVow81DT%C2%A0 Many Edinburgh RIC members have been involved in the continuous work our group has been doing since April 2013.  This includes the important part we played in ‘IndyRef1’ in this city, joining with autonomous ‘Yes’ groups to register and canvass voters.  We also organised well-conducted debates with Left ‘No’ groups.  Our preparednessContinue reading “EDINBURGH RIC – WORKING OUR WAY FORWARD”


This article by Edinburgh RIC member, Sarah Glynn, was first posted on bella caledonia. When, last week, I wrote about attacks on academic freedom in Turkey, I didn’t expect to be following that article with one about attacks on academic freedom in the UK, but this an era of increasing authoritarianism in many different countries.Continue reading “CAN REASON END THIS WITCH HUNT? – STANDING WITH KEN LOACH”

The National RIC AGM, 17.1.21

The AGM formed the main topic of discussion at an Edinburgh RIC meeting on Wednesday 6th January. Allan Armstrong, who is acting as one of the two facilitators for the RIC National AGM (Connor Beaton Dundee RIC is the other), introduced the discussion. The first part of the AGM will be held on Sunday, JanuaryContinue reading “The National RIC AGM, 17.1.21”

Another Edinburgh is Possible

More than a decade of cuts and job losses has left local services in Edinburgh in a dire state.  The impact has been greatest on the most vulnerable who have been at the sharp end of cuts in the social security system.  The hollowing out of services has been exposed by the onset of Covid 19 withContinue reading “Another Edinburgh is Possible”

Is there a role for nuclear power in a sustainable future Scotland?

Video from the Edinburgh RIC assembly held online on 25th November 2020 The following points were made in the discussion. DR, who is a cancer survivor had received radioactive medical treatment, asked where the material needed for medical applications would come from. A said that he lived near Hunterston. The nuclear power station there provided goodContinue reading “Is there a role for nuclear power in a sustainable future Scotland?”

Conspiracy Theories and the Far Right

Our October assembly was introduced by historian, author and activist Dave Renton who talked about conspiracy theories and the far right. You can watch the video of Dave’s introduction here: Dave is the author of a number of books and articles on fascism and the far right. We have a small number of reduced priceContinue reading “Conspiracy Theories and the Far Right”

From Blairgowrie to the Black Sea – Strawberries and Nutella

This article by Sarah Glynn first appeared on bella caledonia From Blairgowrie to the Black Sea – Strawberries and Nutella, and the capitalist mode of agricultural production Last week, a brief news story told of a violent racist attack on a family of hazelnut pickers in north west Turkey. 70% of the world’s hazelnuts are grown inContinue reading “From Blairgowrie to the Black Sea – Strawberries and Nutella”

The Case for a Scottish Climate Service

The Edinburgh RIC Meeting on 26th August 2020 was introduced by Willie Black and Graham Campbell The introductions were followed by a discussion. N – Covid-19 appears to have led to some decentralisation of the economy. There is evidence from England that small town centres have done better than large city centres. Could this be theContinue reading “The Case for a Scottish Climate Service”