Edinburgh RIC came together just before the Radical Independence Conference held in Glasgow on November 30th, 2012, attended by 800 people.  Edinburgh RIC was the first Local Group in Scotland and has met and been involved in action continuously since March 2013 with regular Assemblies (see Archive and Reports).

We provide solidarity with campaigns to bring about democracy and justice in Scotland, these islands, Europe and the whole world.  We provide solidarity with campaigns of workers, women, and those from a BME, LBGT+ and other oppressed backgrounds to bring about equality. We alert our members and supporters of such campaigns (see Events and Archive). 

We welcome the vibrant Scottish cultural renaissance and its contribution to self-determination in its widest sense, nationally and internationally. We have also organised Radical Scottish History events (see Archive).

RIC currently has members in the Labour Party, Republican Socialist Platform, Scottish Greens, SNP Socialists and many not in any political party, but often in campaigning groups, e.g.  Cop26 Coalition and Living Rent (see Links).  Since we have members and supporters in different political parties, we do not make recommendations for voting in Westminster, Holyrood or local elections, but we have held hustings where the parties standing can put their case (see Archive).

With support from Edinburgh RIC a national RIC Refounding Conference was held on 12.6.21. There are now regular RIC National Forums, The AGM was held on 2.21.22. The following revised principles were agreed:-

The Radical Independence Campaign (Scotland) is a campaigning coalition which stands for and organises around the following Six Principles

1) For a democratic, secular, socially just and environmentally sustainable, Scottish Republic

2) Action based on the sovereignty of the people not the UK Crown, leading to the setting up of a Constituent Assembly

3) Action to establish universal health, care, education, housing, income, pensions, and trade union rights; and to win land reform and challenge environmental degradation

4) Equality and opposition to discrimination on grounds of sex, gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, religion/belief, disability or age

5) Solidarity with the struggles for workers’ rights, democracy and self-determination, based on internationalism from below 

6) Support for Scotland’s artistic and cultural revival and all its languages 

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