An introduction by Mim Black, Press officer Cop 26 Coalition

Mim’s talk on Scottish Independence and the Path to Climate Justice can eb seen at:-

In the discussion the following issues and links were made:-

  1. The history of Cop
  • The proposed Cambo oilfield


There are now 30 local Cop-26 hubs and 28 countries have signed up.

Dave S. drew attention to the Edinburgh Net Zero 20390 Climate strategy public drop-in event

Pete C drew attention to 

  1. how Glasgow trade unionists are organising for Cop-26

         b) the Edinburgh TUC campaign on retrofitting

Mim summarised by outlining the Cop-26 Coalition decision to organise an alternative People Summit. There would also be a demonstration in which a radical Scottish independence contingent would be asked to contribute. There would be people attending from outwith Scotland. Volunteers would be asked to provide accommodation (within relatively easy reach of Glasgow). A financial appeal would be made for Visa Support Service so people could attend from outside the UK.

Matters arising f or Edinburgh RIC 

  1. Mim asked Edinburgh RIC to get national RIC to organise a Scottish independence contingent at the Cop26 demo. We could approach others to organise a joint Left Independence contingent, e.g. RIC, SNP Socialists, Now Scotland, conter, SSP etc. (Nick thought that the Scottish Greens would organise its own contingent)
  2. Mim invited RIC to provide a speaker for the Peoples Asdembly. 

         It was agreed that the Edinburgh RIC delegates would raise these two issues at the next RIC National Forum on 4.9.21.

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