Rally for Independence

Faslane for a Nuclear Free Scotland

Saturday, 28.8.21, 13.00- 15.00

These weapons of mass destruction play no useful roll and they put all of us at risk. They only exist as a means of providing the UK Government with a seat at the table with other major imperialist powers who seek to control and dominate, both politically and economically, the world by military power. 

The cost of replacing Trident is estimated to be in excess of £205bn, money that could be much better spent on bairns not bombs.

Only Independence can guarantee a nuclear free Scotland, as such All Under One Banner has called this static-rally at the Faslane Navel Base on Saturday 28th August at 1pm. This rally will be staged with due regard to the safety of those attending, and with close cooperation with Police Scotland.

Come along and show your support!

Alan Bell, Now Scotland

August 28, 2021 at 1:00pm – 3pm

Faslane Naval Base



G84 8HL


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