The last Edinburgh RIC report was submitted to the abortive national AGM on 17.1.21.

Edinburgh RIC has continued to organise.  No local group reports were taken at the relaunch national RIC conference on 6.2.21 or at the revived National Forum on 26.6.21.  Therefore, this report will cover Edinburgh RIC activity since the abortive RIC AGM.

  1. Edinburgh RIC Organising Meetings

11.2.21 – It was unanimously agreed that Edinburgh RIC should continue. 

Future events were discussed.

8.3.21 – Agreement on Statement submitted by Stephen Murray. 

Future events were discussed.

29.3.21 – Planning a Holyrood election hustings. Initially the SNP were supportive, but the emergence of Alba meant that neither party was prepared to put forward speaker, and Lesley Riddoch had diplomatically declined to chair such a line-up. The Scottish Greens remained supportive throughout, and after the failure of the hustings it was decided that their speaker should address the next Edinburgh RIC Assembly.

In the absence of an election debate links to articles by Allan Armstrong (RSP), Sean Bell, Terry Conway and rs21 were posted at end of report of next meeting

Other future events were also discussed.

26.4.21 – It was unanimously agreed that Allan Armstrong and Nick Gotts should be Edinburgh delegates to the relaunch national conference on


Myra Galletly would step in temporarily to take over part of the Secretary’s job – the internal Mailchimp mailing.

Other future events were also discussed.

7.6.21 – Report back from relaunch RIC conference 

160 signed up, 103 were maximum in attendance at any one point. 

Other future events were also discussed

30.6.21 – The Edinburgh RIC Assembly took the form of an Open Organising Meeting.  Jack Ferguson, one of the national RIC conference organisers, attended.  It was agreed that he would collate a list of all those from Edinburgh, who attended this conference but were not yet members. For the next Edinburgh RIC Assembly on 11.8.21. This would discuss organising RIC activity under relaxed Covid-19 conditions, including participation in:- 

  1. Cop-26 events 
  2. Covid-19 Fightback
  3. Furthering the campaign for Scottish independence (AUOB events? etc)

From this Assembly an Edinburgh RIC AGM should be organised to elect new office bearers.

In addition, Jack would invite those who signed up as new members (along with existing members) to join national RIC Working Groups.  There was a special plea for involvement in the Cop-26 group.

Allan Armstrong and Nick Gotts would be delegates to the nest RIC National Forum on 24.7.21.

26.7.21 – Next O.M.

  • Edinburgh RIC Assemblies

24.2.21 – Working Our Way Forward 

26.5.21 – After the Holyrood election – What now? -Kate Nevens, Scottish Green candidate

30.6.21 – This took the form of an open Organising Meeting (see above).

11.8.21 – Next Assembly (see O.M. report 30.6.21 above)

  • Other events

17.7.21 – Protest against the Nationality and Borders Bill – Glasgow

1.5.20 – Kill the Bill Protest 

1.5.21 – Edinburgh May Day – The Peoples Recovery 

  • Other postings
  1. Scottish Independence and the Path to Climate Justice – Mim Black
  • Defending Kobane is not a crime – Sarah Glynn

Armstrong, Minutes Secretary, Edinburgh RIC, 22.7.21

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