An introduction by Kate Nevens – Scottish Green Regional List candidate Lothians

What happens next? 

  • All Green MSPs will campaign and vote for a referendum within this Parliamentary term 
  • We will continue to build the Green YES movement and vision, and work with the broader independence movement and sister Green MEPs in the European Parliament 
  • We will work with other parties in parliament on key priorities, laying the groundwork for a fairer, greener and independent Scotland eace 

Our vision for an independent, fairer and greener Scotland 

  • Investing in a green recovery and playing our part in global efforts to tackle the climate crisis 
  • Reversing the politics of austerity, addressing social, gender and wealth inequalities, and valuing the role of care in the economy 
  • Being a voice for peace and human rights on the global stage, and a sanctuary for those who need it 

Voice & actions for peace 

  • Nuclear-free world 
  • AND end all support to conventional arms industry 
  • Decolonising aid & trade; standing in solidarity with oppressed groups 
  • Contribute to global roll out of COVID-19 vaccine 

Abolish the Home Office (and Defund the Police) 

  • End dehumanising asylum application process and end immigration detention / close Dungavel 
  • Reunite families & provide safe passage 
  • End outsourcing of asylum accommodation 
  • End No Recourse To Public Funds 
  • End Police Scotland support to Home Office 

Climate Justice 

  • Ending oil and gas extraction 
  • Restorative climate justice and reparation funds 
  • COP26 
  • Collective global action 

For further information contact

Kate Nevens

Kate.nevens@scottishgreens.org.uk Twitter: @katenevens


This was followed by contributions from those attending the meeting. Issues raised included the following:-

A Labour Party member said that many members in Scotland were becoming increasingly disillusioned with their party in Scotland and that some were likely to join the Scottish Green Party.

The significance of autonomous campaigns, such as those around Extinction Rebellion and Living Rent were raised.  Others added the action taken at Kenmure Street in support of migrants threatened with deportation, and the Sisters Uncut demonstrations following the Sarah Everard murder, highlighted the  growing willingness to take the sort of action which would be needed to defy the UK state in the forthcoming Scottish independence campaign. 

Another contributor thought that the demand to defund the police, which made immediate sense in the USA and had been highlighted by the Black Lives Matter protests, would need to be rethought in the UK contest.

The issue of the political pressures on the Scottish Green Party arising from going into coalition  with the more neo-liberal SNP needed to be considered.

The prospect of the Scottish Greens giving their backing to the Radical Independence campaign was raised.  This could be brought up at the next Edinburgh and national meetings.

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