RIC Edinburgh recognises the vote taken at the RIC AGM to disband RIC at the national level, whist allowing local branches to continue.

RIC Edinburgh has taken the decision to continue to operate and campaign for an independent Scotland based on RIC’s five principles:

1.      For a social alternative to austerity and privatisation.

2.      Green and environmentally sustainable.

3.      A modern republic for real democracy. 

4.      Committed to equality and opposition to discrimination on grounds of gender, race, disability, sexuality or age.

5.      Internationalist and opposed to war, NATO and Trident.

Furthermore, RIC Edinburgh will:

A. Look to work with other RIC local branches and collaborate when advantageous such as demonstrations, conferences and events.

B.      Look to build links, when and where appropriate, with Now Scotland, Pensioners for Independence, Scottish Independence Foundation, Voices for Scotland, Women for Independence etc.

C.      Continue to support progressive campaigns locally, nationally and  internationally.

D.      Promote events in relation to Scottish independence and progressive campaigns.

E.      Continue to operate a regular assembly, not just to discuss Scottish independence, but also giving the opportunity for people involved in other campaigns to discuss the issues around their campaigns. 

F.      Invite people with expertise in topics to address our assemblies for discussion, such as Catalonia, currency, Universal Basic Income etc.

G.      Continue to operate as an inclusive campaign, welcoming people who are members of different political parties and none who support Scottish independence and also those on the left who have not yet decided to support Scottish independence.  

H)      We will contribute our own archive and reports of meetings to a national archive of RIC materials to be made available to campaigners and historians. We urge our members to write up their own experiences of RIC to add to this. 

Agreed, 8.3.21

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