Independence in a post-pandemic world

Here’s the video of David Jamieson, Source News journalist and editor of Conter speaking at our meeting on 24th June.

Unfortunately we don’t have notes of the verbal questions and contributions that followed David’s introduction. However, this was complemented by written comments in the text chat. We have copied this below.

L:  My impression on a superficial read of the SNP government’ post-Covid19 Advisory Report was that there was some stuff about shortening supply chains etc

P: It seems to be less about shortening and more about rebuilding new chains and rebuilding confidence.

C: So I’m not hearing anyone talking about young people just now and what’s been happening with school education.  Working with young people and the education system I was gobsmacked to hear that our schools would be returning after the holidays with school staff given half a week to prepare for the new terms – alongside all the many things they have to prepare for.  But my biggest issue is about the number of young people who are going to be hit really hard at the leaving end of school in that their jobs, courses, apprenticeships are disappearing faster than a Scottish summer does.  So when we’re hit by huge levels of administrations, broken supply chains, economic instability it will be the people who are most likely to be vocal who would be likely to react –  young people! unfortunately this often manifests itself in anti-social behaviour but sometimes through dissent – as per with the school strikes.  At my earlier comment I mentioned schools not being prepared for coming back next term but there’s quite a bit. There is dissent coming through with the EIS.

G: Agree on Education and Young People, Although the mobilisation of young people around BLM is astonishing and very positive.

C: Although I agree there are many young people engaging in demonstrations like black lives matter there’s an increasing number of working class young people are becoming “disaffected youth” – we’ve not seen anything like what this might become for a few generations though!                                               

S: Agree with job guarantee for young people, concerned that it may push other unemployed even further from labour market

P: How can the Common Weal Resilient Report be promoted to gain traction not only with the Scottish public but become an alternative model/focus within the SNP?

A: Politics are polarising. The Labour Party has just issued its report into its poor performance in the December general election. In its summary of recommendations there is only policy advocated – No IndyRef2!  In today’s Herald, David Leask announced that Gareth Bennet, Brexit MWA, has formed the Abolish Party with the intention of ending devolution first in Wales. He has contacts in Scotland. Boris Johnson’s government acts at an all-UK level and can resort to the state’s Crown Powers too. The SNP has no strategy to bring IndyRef2. 

During IndyRef1, RIC campaigned in all the four nations on these islands and further afield. To counter the UK state and the Unionists – whether Abolish, Tories or Labour – I think RIC needs to organise again on an all-islands level and act in effect as a republican internationalist campaign.

G: Agree with Allan’s points, well made.

D: I agree that RIC needs to organise internationally. One obvious place is Ireland, Sinn Fein’s electoral success in the February Dail elections has put Irish reunification back on the political agenda. RIC has contacts in Ireland. We also need to take a warning from Quebec. Two failed independence referenda have led to a decline in pro-independence forces. The Far Right has now stepped in and has the largest presence in Quebec compared with anywhere else in Canada.

G: I think that’s hugely important, David. Do we need a RIC conference – but one that determines specific actions? I currently admin 2 RIC pages.  Insofar as this can be considered indicative, there are new likes almost daily.  people are looking for something different to what’s on offer elsewhere

A: The issue of organising a RIC conference had been raised by other RIC groups. It will be discussed at RIC-Edinburgh’s Organising Zoom Meeting on Monday, at 6.00 pm.

P: This meeting is open to any RIC-Edinburgh member who wishes to participate,

J: The Commonweal campaign is a bit disappointing so far. Quite a few people I know have signed up but nothing is happening after the public launch

Thanks were given to David for his introduction and Eileen for Chairing

Announcement: There is a memorial event for Neil Davidson at 8pm on Saturday 11th July organised by rs21Scotland – to register go to–

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