Report: Scotland and the pandemic

Our online meeting with Ben Wray was well attended (36 participants) and provoked an excellent discussion.

You can watch the video of Ben’s introduction here:

Ben Wray on Scotland and the pandemic

You can also read or download a text version of the talk.

There is an edited and anonymised recording of Ben’s response to the comments and questions here:

Ben’s response to the questions and contributions

The article by James Urquhart that Ben refers to is here

In his talk Ben refers to Nicola Sturgeon’s tweet:

He looks at data from Germany, the lag in the UIK response and comparisons between Scotland and England:

He also refers to AirBNB while discussing the economic and social impact on Edinburgh

Other useful links are the Facebook page and group set up to support the statement “Trade unionists, health workers, independence supporters and community activists demand radical action from the Scottish government to fight the pandemic”

You might also want to follow up the Coronavirus information and action group   and their petition

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